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vallevecchia natural reserve (Caorle – Venice)

Today, with this short article, i inaugurate a new section called “Discovering Veneto”
Last sunday i started with my family with the idea of spending a nice day in the upper part of the veneto region and eventually take a look to the mountains around there. Well, after just one hour we found ourselves under an heavy rain and  black clouds all around.
I was not very happy with the idea of driving back home so in a few minutes i decided to follow towards Portogruaro and go to the sea in Caorle!
For years i told myself to visit the natural reserve in Vallevecchia and finally the day arrived.

walking on the beach



Unfortunately we arrived quite late in the afternoon and we still had to have lunch so our visit was not so deep, just a first look i would say but i will come back for sure for a better and deeper visit.

casoni vallevecchia caorle veneto

The reserve is a coastal area, between Caorle and Bibione, not so far from Venice, and it is held by the VenetoAgricoltura, the regional agriculture institution and it is an entire island of 900 hectares where there are no builidings except for the Veneto agricoltura farm.
The area is almost unique in the upper part of the Adratic  sea, covered with crops, a pine forest and a 4 kilometers long beach.
It’s a beautiful place for birdwatching and for a walk really between land and sea.
The historical traces are well represented with the old typical fishermans’ houses called “Casoni”.
Definetely the place deserves a visit, well, with a nature guide would be better, you could learn the ecological importance of this place, how the ancient dunes were born and how humans used to live in deep harmony with the forces of nature.
Hope to See you in Veneto!






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