Traveling to Italy: Venice & Vicenza

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Planning your trip to Italy?
I know…Venice, Rome, florence are a must see but…
Why don’t you take a day off to explore Venice mainland?
Have heard about Vicenza? No crowds, a charming historical center, beautiful villas and buildings, Top restaurants, Great food & wine…
Vicenza is also a Unesco world heritage site for its beautiful buildings from Palladio, the famous Renaissance architect.
Near Vicenza you can also find Bassano del Grappa, a beautiful small city with its historical center surrounded by the mountains and where you can taste Grappa (it burns!!!) and walk on the wooden bridge.
You can then visit Asiago, oh yes, the Asiago cheese is produced here in Vicenza, the famous one exported worldwide!
South of Vicenza you can then find the Berici hills: this is really an hidden gem where to spend a daytasting great wines surrounded by gentle hills covered by vineyards, olive trees and woods that remind of Tuscany
Could you ask for more?

Hope if you are planning to travel to Italy now you have one more place to visit on your bucket list!


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