Outdoor tour Around Treviso and Belluno

Yesterday with the outdoor family we finally decided to take a look to the famous “Ai Pioppi” playpark. The park near Treviso, amidst the Prosecco area, is a  self made amusement park and was built piece by piece by Bruno Ferrin beginning from the late sixties.
Everything works without electricity, the entrance is free but before entering you have to eat or drink something in the local restaurant under the poplars (the famous “pioppi”).
Well to be honest we have been a little bit disappointed by the park: may games were broken, many others not working and there was really too much confusion.
Anyway after three hours we decided we all needed a little bit of peace and being not so far i drove towards the very nice Molinetto della Croda in Refrontolo wich is a restored ancient mill with a small fall. Arriving quite late on the afternoon we found only 4 persons and we really enjoyed the place!

ancient mill croda treviso refrontolo

ancient mill croda treviso refrontolo

ancient mill croda treviso

After the visit sice it was not too late and the girls were hungry i drove to Follina, an ancient town with a small and nice historical centre looking for a public table to let them eat something.
Well as usually in Veneto, it is quite hard to find picnic areas and wandering with the car i saw a sign for “Zumello castle”, a place i never visited before.
Could your curious guide resist? Not at all, we begun hiking up the road amidst mountains and woods, the road was quite narrow and upward and after a good number of kilometers without finding nor the castel neither a picnic area i stopped the car besides the road  and we had our beautiful dinner surrounded by wooods.
It was late but i was still curious of this castle, so fortunately with the last emergies of my smartphone i could take a look to some images and it looked great! No way, we had to go and it coldn’t be too much far since we already have done many kilometers from the sign…but i was wrong! I drove amidst a even narrower road arrving  Pradarengo pass and finally we arrived to the castle almost at night.
Look at the picture…it definetely was worth the travel!

zumello castle tour night

Zumello castle by night


medieval dresses

Ancient dresses and my girl dreaming to be a princess (but she already is my one! )

We were absolutely over the closing time but we were lucky enough cause yesterday night there was a fashion event inside the castle so everything was open and we could visit the torture chambers and  the small museum with medieval dresses and music instruments.
The girls were super excited!
After an hour it begun raining and we leaved for Vicenza. I was quite tired but another beautiful exploring day was gone!

torture chamber zumello

The torture chamber




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