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Handcrafted products are one of the most characterizing elements of a place.
To meet local masters craftsmen  means really going deep inside local life and touch local traditions coming from the past centuries.
Do you want to see an handicraft master working in his studio?
Would you like to learn his secrets and try to create something with your own hands?

In Italy we have an incredible handmade products tradition, you can find almost everything here around Venice: stone and wood carving, pottery, ceramic, glass, leather, jewelry and much more.


  • Visiting a master’s studio
  • Asking for a workshop to learn and try with your own hands

Usually the visit takes from 1 hr to 2 hours with the workshop

PS You can ask me to have a master’s studio visit inside another tour, just ask me and i’ll tell you what is available in the area you choose


Place: All over Veneto Region - Italy
Impression & Feelings: handicraft, made in italy, Traditions

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