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(Where does my passion for guiding and exploring comes from)

Hi, I’m Alex, Experiential tourism Guide, Outdoor passionate & Founder of El Sendero
I love Nature, I love exploring and travelling, i love outdoor life and i’m curiosity addicted
I was born in the Berici hills, gentle hills south of vicenza, not far from Venice.

Since i was a child two things characterized me: an insane curiosity and the love for the outdoors

I spent my childhood exploring woods observing nature, hiking trails and observing my father, an artesan master, while creating and working with iron  in his studio.
I think i inherited curiosity from him: in that time there were no navigation devices and i still can remember with fun all the times we got lost with our car.
He always wanted to try new roads, “to see where they go” he said, and many times we get lost but he was right!
Often we arrived in nice places, off the beaten tracks, discovering ancient villages with nice  old men under the shadow of a tree or we  found a new beautiful spot for fishing.
Often we just arrived nowhere interesting but, as a child, the idea of travelling towards unknown destinations was tremendously exciting to my eyes.



What was it all about?

Poetry and emotions...The beauty of touching simple things , the ones you remember forever And in the end this is the sense of travelling and exploring: bringing back home emotions from the places we visit

That is why, whether i'm travelling in a new region or i'm walking on a new path in the woods, i look  for all those details making a travel experience unique and exciting: sounds and silences, smells and tastes, typical products and genuine people.

This is the spirit El Sendero was born: I go deep inside new places to feed my soul and share  beauty and emotions with you

"Alex Mazzetto - founder of ElSendero"

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